Photo Gallery

While working on the exhibition, numerous photographs were collected from institutions and interviewees in Russia, Finland and Norway. Here we present around 75 photographs that are not shown in the exhibition or found in the accompanying book.



The Protocols from Brodtkorb
Brodtkorb was a trader in Vardø. He and other traders had numerous customers from the Murman coast. Brodtkorb’s protocols are deposited in the archives of Vardø Museum, a section of  Varanger Museum.
Two of his protocols show trade with “Quæner og Normænd på Russefinnmarken” (Kvens and Norwegians on the “Russian Finnmark”) in the years 1894 and 1895. From the names found in the protocols we can conclude that there were Finnish, Russian and Norwegian customers. Johan Eriksen on the Kildin island was a frequent customer. Also Thore Thorsen from Tsypnavolok (Zypnavalok), Foto: Monica Milch Gebhardt, Varanger museum IKS

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